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Managing project based company, from business opportunities to invoices

Specialized project portfolio management system and ERP system with many unique features, finaly increasing business efficiency and project profits.

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Consulting engineers

Zvýšení efektivity práce, evidence zakázek, finanční a kapacitní plánování, cash flow. 

Navigo3 for consulting engineeers

Architects and designers

Přehled o skutečných nákladech zakázek i soutěžních návrhů. Zvýšení efektivity. 

Navigo3 for architects

Legal advisors

Bilance projektů za pevnou cenu. Zakázky s denní nebo hodinovou sazbou. 

Navigo3 for lawyers and advisors

Project organizations

Různorodé zakázky, malé i dlouhodobé a komplikované. Vytížení zaměstnanců. 

Navigo3 for project organizations

Advertising agencies

Pořádek ve stovkách zakázek. Vlastní výkony, produkce. Měření výsledků, odměňování. 

Navigo3 for advertising agencies

Other industries

How Can Navigo3 Help You?

Better project portfolio management

No more non-profitable projects without early warnings.

Simple financial planning

Simple project plan in one minute. Each project as detailed as it deserves.

Capacity planning

Poor utilisation is a past. Clear graphical view of the outlook for months ahead.

Future revenues and expenses

Fluctuating cash flow is a risk for every project-based company. Key incomes and expenses.

Queue of business opportunities

Outlook for future orders. Chances of realization and estimated starting date for each opportunity.

Actual project status with results prediction

Instead of a retrospective „accounting“ view, the prediction of the future results is displayed.

The management of the company receives not only information on extraordinary situations but also summary data for strategic management of the company.

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Project Portfolio Management

The project manager monitors the „thermometers“ showing the status and outlook of the projects.

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Customer Relationship Management and Opportunities Queue

Sophisticated management of business opportunities, cost tracking, determination of effective business directions.

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Our Satisfied Clients

We help manage thousands of projects in companies of all sizes. Navigo3, as a project-based ERP, is mostly used as a primary management system.