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What is Navigo3

Navigo3 allows you to smoothly manage your project-oriented business company, because it does exactly what you expect from such a software.

The Six Key Features of Navigo3

Being an effective cure to ineffective job and project management, Navigo3 brings clarity and insight to relationships between your company and customers while keeping a close watch over business opportunities and providing support for management decision making. Navigo3 is versatile and powerful, but still lightweight and easy to use.


1. Manage Jobs/Resources and Monitor your Efficiency

Navigo3 allows for easy and convenient work planning within projects, activity reporting, and monitoring the efficiency and results including invoicing. Providing a single point for visibility and control, Navigo3 also delivers you a global view of utilization for employees and company teams.


2. Keep a Record of Your Business Opportunities

Good accounting makes good friends. Twice as much at work. With Navigo3 you can be quite clear about your jobs, both open and closed, as well as your business opportunities. Information about prospective orders and logged communications with customers won't get lost from the system.


3. Full-scale Contact List

Having complete data of your customers and suppliers at hand is a treasure. And Navigo3 will watch over it appropriately. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


4. Reports for Strategic Decision Making

Navigo3 offers effective features for creating analytical and statistical perspectives of your company thanks to its fast OLAP reporting module that allows for high-quality analysis of business figures and trends.


5. Count in CZK, EUR, GBP, USD...

Thanks to its multicurrency general design, the system can be simultaneously used in any of your foreign offices. Costs are calculated in various currencies concurrently. Navigo3 shows you any amount in any currency as you would need.


6. Make Use of a Proven Project-Management Methodology

Our information system comes with integrated and proven methodology, allowing you to successfully manage your project-oriented business company.